Seniors Art & Storytelling Project

Seniors Art & Storytelling Project

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Reading our Poems and Getting to know the Group

Last Wednesday, July 30th the group had the chance to read aloud their poems titled 'I am From'.

Each poem was so unique, and really showed us the diverse backgrounds of our group. We found out members from the group come from Newfoundland, Guyana, Romania, England and beyond. All have precious memories of family get-togethers, family recipes and special heirlooms passed down generations. These poems sparked many ideas for participants individual storytelling projects and revealed to us that we each have a unique story to tell.

Mark, Belmont Rec staff, helps Trixie read her poem aloud.

Next week:
We will see all participants again next Wednesday, August 6th at 2 30pm in the Party Room.
We have asked the participating seniors to bring in old photos and have a chance to share them and the stories behind them. We're very excited to see what comes!

Please note: 

 There will be no workshop session on Wed, Aug 13th as the staff and residents will be busy at a special Belmont House event celebrating Caribbean Festival.

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