Seniors Art & Storytelling Project

Seniors Art & Storytelling Project

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Our First Art and Storytelling Workshop!

Last Wednesday, July 23rd, a group of 11 residents gathered in the Belmont House Party Room for the first Art and Storytelling Workshop! During this session, we introduced ourselves, and had a chance to ask questions about the project.

Our Project Curator Tara led a fill-in-the-blanks poetry exercise that had everyone reminiscing about their past, and what makes us who we are.

Ms. McKay works on her poem

Next Steps:
Every Wednesday in August the group will meet at 2 30pm in the Party Room.  These workshops will be open to residents, who are interested in being a part of our our Nuit Blanche art project.

Next Wednesday, residents will bring in their completed poems and share them with the group.


  1. Very excited to see the project on October 4!

  2. We are too, Neel! So excited to see all the stories come to life and be shared during the event.