Seniors Art & Storytelling Project

Seniors Art & Storytelling Project

Sunday, 24 August 2014

A Variety of Creative Submissions

It has been a while - time for an update on how the seniors, staff and organizers at Belmont House have been hard at work putting together work for the exhibit.

We are excited to have so many eager participants who are willing to share creative work such as: beautiful paintings of scenes from growing up in Australia, a childhood song sang in Romanian, quirky pop art paintings, children's fable storytelling, vintage illustration work (from one of Canada's first female illustrators!), and poetry.

These next few weeks we are encouraging and supporting the seniors as they write captions, short biographies, and artist statements to help involve the viewers in what they will share.

It is also an important update to note that we have booked the Belmont House exhibit for display from Friday, September 26th - Thursday, Oct 2nd. All residents, friends and family are invited to come enjoy 'This Light of Mine' Pre-show Exhibit. A reception will be held at Belmont House on Friday, September 26th from 2-3pm.

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